About us

 Founder Helene Arvidsson and Partner in crime Jesper Norén

Why Rawnice?

Most "health brands" cater to a niche crowd, leaving the rest of us feeling out of place with our occasional indulgences. Forget the cliché beach yoga and coconut pics on Instagram; it's time for something real.

Imagine waking up hungover on a Saturday, barely able to get out of bed. Add a pinch of our magic to your breakfast, and suddenly, you're on your way to feeling great, looking better, and making your mama proud – all without sacrificing the fun.

Rawnice is for everyone who values balance. Whether you're sipping red wine or listening to Wu-tang Clan between workouts, we've got your back.

How It All Started

In 2015, while sitting in a gas station restroom in the middle of nowhere, I stumbled upon a captivating pink smoothie bowl on Instagram. That moment changed everything.

This pink smoothie was crafted using the natural flesh of the Red Dragon Fruit, giving it an incredible color and added nutrients. I became obsessed with the idea and began the search for Pink Pitaya. To my surprise, it was nearly impossible to find in Scandinavia, let alone the world.

That's when I knew I had to make this vibrant superfood accessible to everyone. And so, Rawnice was born.

A Remarkable Journey

Before that fateful gas station stop, I never saw myself running a business. I had dreams of becoming a writer and publishing my first book. Life can be unpredictable, and now, I'm here helping people unlock their creativity and deepen their health journey. Connecting with our fantastic customers has been the highlight of my life.

The journey has been wild, and we're just getting started.

/ Helene Arvidsson Founder of Rawnice

P.S. Rawnice is, and always will be, a 100% Vegan business